Aeramis is the Common word for both the both the planet and largest continent. To the Elves the continent is known as Ondren Cen, and the planet Er'danus. To the Dwarves the planet is known as Dal Agrul, and the continent just Agrul.


Aeramis is one of the nine planets that orbits the star Galaz. It's moon is Aoede. Humans make up over 70% of the population, and for as long as anyone can remember it has always been this way. Other races, however, claim that they once had their own time to rule.


Other races exist, such as Gnomes, Goliaths, Halflings, Tieflings, etc. However, their numbers are so fewer than the non-human races outlined above (save for the dragons) that there is little point in discussing their culture (though each DOES have a rich culture). To find a Tiefling or

Aeramis Terrain

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