Astaroth Hahta

Astaroth Hahta, known commonly as Astaroth and to many locals as "the Pinnicle," is an exceptionally tall mountain in the north of Aeramis. Part of the Ash Rock Mountain Range, Astaroth extends approximately 75,000 feet into the air, surpassing the next tallest mountain in the range by well over 50,000 feet.


Astaroth is well known to all the denizens of Aeramis; the mountain can be scene from almost every point on the continent, blocked only from view in some locations due to the presence of other mountains or structures. For many peoples the mountain is nothing but an enigma; a curiosity that, while it appears as though it should not exist, non-the-less has little significance other than being a good indicator of north.

For others, however, the mountain is a symbol of purity, power, dominance, endurance, and greatness all in one. The Convent of Astaroth is a religious organization, residing within the town of Ashen Vale, that worships the mountain almost as divine. The members fo this Convent climb the Pinnicle in spiritual journeys.

Non-members of the Convent have also attempted to scale Astaroth. Some do it for glory. Others seek answers, perhaps hoping to find some explanation for the great mountain that looms above the continent.

No matter the reason, there has been no recorded instance of a person successfully reaching the summet. The highest recorded climb, claimed to be held by Hulse, is approximately 36,000 feet; just a few thousand feet below the halfway point.