The Followers of the Grand Phoenix is cult which worships the Primordials. Their purpose, as they see it, is to aid the Primordials in watching over Aeramis and, should they determine it to be so, to bring about the next reshaping.

For the Followers, to experience the reshaping is to embark on the most holy of journeys; to see the meaning of their lives and the lives of all on Aeramis complete. They will stop at nothing to achieve that goal. Unfortunately for the citizens of Aeramis, the leader of the cult, Dren Lósaz feels that the world has become far too corrupt to continue on. It is time to rouse the Firebrand and begin reshaping the world.

The cult works in the shadows, staying hidden from the rest of the world. To reveal themselves and their sacred tasks would, as they see it, introduce an unwanted variable into the Primordial's experiment.