The Convent of Astaroth is a well-known religious organization of Aeramis. The Convent makes it home at the base of the mountain of Astaroth Hahta. Here, members of this organization worship the "Pinnicle" or "Great Mountain." Strictly speaking, they do not believe that the mountain is a deity or somehow alive, yet they still have great reverence for it. To reach the very top of Astaroth is the life-long aim of convent members, and though none have even come close all continuously hone their minds and bodies for the task. It is expected that a member of the Convent journey to the mountain at least once a year, and attempt to climb it at least once every five. One is expected to move higher than their last attempt; failing to do this represents a weakness in the member that must be overcome.

Rank within the Convent is based mostly on how high one has climbed, with the highest-climbing member running the organization as its leader (currently this is a man named Hulse).

All beings, even inorganic ones, are welcome into the Convent, and all are welcome to climb the mountain with the Convent's permission. They have no true lawful power, yet they are treated with great respect. Those seeking to climb the mountain will make known their intentions to one of the religious leaders. A ceremony is then held, where at least three of the leaders must be present. Prayers are said over the climber, ash-like dust from the mountain is sprinkled onto them, and a special marker is provided by the Convent. This simple-but-magical flag is used to mark the climber's highest ascent. No other artifacts are permitted to be left on the mountain, or at least this is what the Convent attempts to uphold.